Dress at the lodge is casual, and laundry service is available so you can travel light. Waders, a good rain jacket and insulating layers such as a warm fleece are musts. Hats and gloves are a good idea. On the lighter side, nylon fishing pants are great when the weather is warm and a lightly colored fishing shirt is a smart choice. In January and February, lighter colors will help you avoid some of the bothersome insects. Remember to bring your bathing suit for our hot tub. Laundry is included in your stay so please pack light because of the weight restrictions for the charter flight (The charter flight enforces a 15kilo or 33lb weight limit on bags per person. There is a small fee attached for anything over). Usually we advise people to only bring enough clothes for 3 days.


Rods: 6, 8, and 5(optional), medium-fast action

Reels: Appropriately matched to rods with at least 100 yards of backing

Lines: Floating-weight forward for the 5 and 6 weight rods
Sinking-SA Mastery Series Streamer Express, 200-250 grain, or
Cortland Salmon/Steelhead Quick Descent, 180-225 grain, or
Teeny 200

Leaders/Tippet: 9´, 4X and 7 ½´, 0X

We keep some flies for sale at the lodge, but should you like
to bring your own, here are some patterns we recommend:

Flies: dries-Chernobyl-style beetles #4-8 (overall black in color)
Dragonfly patterns # 4
Parachute adams # 12-16
Rusty spinners # 12-16
Black ants # 10-14
Mouse patterns #4
Caddis # 12-14
Wets-Wooly buggers #2-10 (black, olive, red, purple, peacock, grizzly)
Clouser minnows # 4-6 (natural/white, black/white, tan/white)
White feather streamers #4-8
Galloup´s Zoo Cougar #4-6 (olive/white)
Bucktail streamers # 4-8 (natural colors/white)
Dragonfly nymphs
Damselfly nymphs
Assorted beadhead nymphs #10-14
Yuk Bug/Big Hole Crawlers # 4-8
…and any other rubber-legged, soft-hackled concoction you can dream up!

** Leave it all behind and rely on our guides to provide all flies for a fee of $60 US for the week.