The Futaleufu River comes into Chile from its headwaters in Argentina (where it is known as the Rio Grande) and provides about 6 miles of terrific float fishing water until it drops in a long section of some of the most famous whitewater in the world. After this extensive section of class IV and V rapids, it once again mellows out and is floatable until it reaches Lago Yelcho.

We utilize three sections of this river: from the border to the top of the whitewater, below the whitewater, and the last 7 miles as it flows into the lake. The upper Futa's fishing is a bit more like our US western waters than is the rest. Hatch fishing is possible throughout this scenic stretch and the climate here is a bit more dry than downriver. In the two floats below the rapids section, the river is wider and deeper, some sight fishing is available, but the norm down here is to toss streamers over gravel bars, around tree trunks, and to the bank for large brown trout.

This is a beautiful section of river and the Futa's turquoise blue waters flow between banks packed tightly with vibrant sauza trees and large, dark granite cliffs which sometimes play host to condors riding the thermals above.