Typically, our guests come via Santiago and on through Puerto Montt, then to Chaiten. If you don´t travel well, or if you arrive in Puerto Montt after noon, we recommend that you spend a night in either Puerto Montt or Puerto Varas. Puerto Varas is an on-foot friendly community which is a pleasure to walk around and makes for a nice overnight stay. Puerto Montt is a busier town with some fine sites such as the feria artesenal, or artisan fair which is one of the largest in the country and a great place to find hand-knit woolens and other artisan goods. From Puerto Montt, we will arrange a small charter flight for you to arrive in Chaiten, this flight usually leaves around midday and takes about 35 minutes. The cost for this flight is $250 and includes transfers to and from the Puerto Montt airport to the Paloma Airport, where this plane usually departs.

Normally, our guests fly in on the new plane which is a 14-seater, Cessna Grand Caravan. Weight restrictions on this flight are lighter than on the full size jets and during high season 12 kilos, or 25-30 lbs, is the limit, so if you need to leave something behind in a hotel in Puerto Montt or Santiago, you´d want to arrange it then. We have daily laundry service available and included with your stay at the lodge, so you can travel light. Chaiten is a small coastal village and serves as the gateway for this portion of Chilean Patagonia, we will meet you here with our trucks and drive you the remaining hour and a half to where our boat will be waiting to take you the final ten minutes to Isla Monita.

Another option is to come through Argentina via Buenos Aires and into Esquel or Bariloche. In Buenos Aires, it is necessary to allow for a transfer from the international airport to the domestic airport, usually 45 minutes-1 hour. This way you can travel on a full size jetliner and avoid the smaller charter service. The flight from Buenos Aires to Esquel is limited to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. There are daily flights from Buenos Aires to Bariloche if the Esquel option doesn't work for you, but Bariloche is a 4 1/2 hour drive from the border, so unless you are fishing up that way Esquel is a better option. Esquel's airport is only one hour from the border and another 2 hours to Isla Monita. An additional pickup fee is charged with these options to accommodate the shuttle services, but if you are inclined to fish a week in Argentina and then come over into Chile, this is a very nice way to go. We are an easy jaunt over the border from the Esquel area.

It is relatively easy to organize a flight which comes in through the Chilean side and one which leaves via Argentina, or vice versa, for those wanting to combine the two countries, please contact us if you require assistance setting up your travel plans.