The Palena River runs from Argentina (where it is known as the Rio Corcovado) through Chile into the Pacific, it is the next major river valley to the south of the Futaleufu River system. There are two river floats that we utilize on this beautiful piece of water, the first is a canyon stretch which is host to a good number of smaller fish with the occasional larger trout. This is, perhaps, one of the most beautiful river sections in this area, in which we employ both dry fly fishing and streamer fishing. This section sits in a more arid microclimate than the Futa system and the vistas on the drive over are simply incredible.

The lower section of the Palena that we float is accessible only via jet boat by descending a tributary and ascending the portion we fish. This is a great adventure in a very remote part of Chile on a beautiful piece of water. This portion of river has a tendency to become off color when we have had weather so we are not able to utilize it each week of the season, but when it is in shape, this is perhaps the most wild portion of Chile that we fish. Access for the locals is only by horseback and occasionally we will see Chilean huasos tending to their herd while we float by fishing for trophies.