Isla Monita is a magical 250 acre island, a secret place where thoughts linger and time stands still. Black-necked swans, mirrored in calm waters, glide silently past tall, green reeds, while crested fly-catchers flit amidst the cherry and apple blossoms. Tiny emerald and gold hummingbirds suck scarlet fuchsia and great grebe call hauntingly as night falls. Wood smoke drifts lazily from the chimney of the Isla Monita Lodge.

On the island, more than 40 species of birds and 100 species of flowers, shrubs, and trees have been identified. Two sandy beaches, accessible only by boat, make idyllic picnic spots. Small meadows, high above the lodge, offer gentle resting places for sunning and reading, with panoramic vistas of the surrounding snowcapped mountains bordered by magnificent Patagonian temperate rain forest.

The Lodge, the only dwelling on the island, is timber and stone built, nestling into a small hollow above an orchard, overlooking the southeastern corner of the lake. The western horizon is crowded by jagged peaks, forests, snow fields, and glaciers that tower up to 6,300 feet above Lago Yelcho. Isla Monita´s only access is by a 10 minute boat ride. Complete privacy and exclusivity are assured.

The Lodge is comfortably furnished, and welcoming. The ground floor has two bedrooms each with their own private bath, while upstairs another five bedrooms with private bath are found, three of these are en suite. A large sitting and dining area overlooks the lake, orchards, and mountains and is warmed by a splendid open stone fireplace. Additional heating is provided by liquid gas heaters, although during the season the weather is rarely cold enough to require their use. The Isla Monita Lodge has its own generators and all the rooms have electric light. The Lodge has a well-stocked cellar with a full range of beer, spirits, soft drinks, and specializes in first class Chilean wines, specifically bottled for the guests of Isla Monita.

The primary motive of everyone concerned with Isla Monita Lodge is to be of service to the guests and to ensure that they enjoy their visit. Meal times, fishing times, picnics and days out will all be arranged to entirely suit the guests´ wishes.