Guests of Isla Monita have access to four private, exclusive lagunas. Chava Rio, Chava Camino, Laguna Verde, and Laguna Rosa all provide the angler with varying degrees of protection from the elements and the chance at some highly exciting trout fishing for both very large trout and smaller trout on smaller waters. The dragonfly season hits hard in Chava Rio, Laguna Verde and Rosa and you are likely to see fish from 2 pounds to 6 or even 7 pounds smash your dry fly. Some of these fish are coming 5 feet out of the water in their hot pursuit of the naturals. The target shooting element to this type of fishing makes it unbeatable when it is going on. During slow times you are likely to strip a small leech or bugger or even skate a mouse fly across the slots in the weed beds for a monster brown. As the season progresses, these fish will rise to midges or sedges and spinners depending on what the weather is doing. We fish both dry and wet versions of these flies to entice these bruisers to eat for the entire season.

Chava Camino offers a strong degree of protection and when the elements turn against us, it provides a nice refuge in which to go and get the rod bent in an absolutely incredible setting. This laguna may be the most beautiful place to fish around here, and that is saying quite a lot considering the scenery we are basking in at all times. Its emerald green depths beckon you to lay out a fly and the clear waters allow you to see the strike coming, making for an exciting morning or afternoon.